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The Skånes Djurpark Suite: Järven

The Skånes Djurpark Suite mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Mon, November 09, 2009 23:24:53

The Skånes Djurpark Suite: Järven

Second installment: ”Järven”. In latin: ”Gulo Gulo”. In english: ”Wolverine”.

The wolverine is an highly endangered animal. There’s only an estimated 350 specimen of the species in Sweden.

It’s also a killing machine. The wolverine is a small carnivore, compared to for example bears, but it’s an animal known for its unproportional strength and ferocity. The wolverine kan kill a prey many times bigger than itself. When the wolverine hunts a big male moose, it makes a vigorous leap and clings its teeths into the mooses testicles. For several kilometers it hangs on there, causing the moose to slowly bleed to death.

Some people claim that this would make the wolverine an unusually cruel and evil animal. But thats a misinterpretation of the concept of evil.

I believe that I have captured the spirit of the wolverine in this composition. Please enjoy it.

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