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Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Sun, February 27, 2011 23:44:59

8. The Cultural History of the Penis

There is at least three different version of ”the Penis” recorded. The first one was some sort of rock version, based on the bass and a guitar with lots of distorsion. The second one was a more mellow and kind of nerdy version with some voice samples from a live recording of Slick Rick performing ”La Di Da Di”.

This is the third version, also known as the ”Off Pist remix”, it´s an electronic remake. Very far from ”La Di Da Di” perhaps, and Slick Ricks ”Tic Toc”-sample didn´t make it through to this (so far) final embodiment of the Penis.

What made it through the third time was the vocals recorded for the second version, and the piano solo at the end. We did it in our old rehearsal studio. We shared this studio with another band and they had a real nice old fender rhodes piano standing there, and of course we had to borrow it. We plugged it in and recorded and Birgitta just improvised over the beat. And it sounded great so when she stopped after two rounds I started waving in the air, trying to tell her to continue. She did, after a while, and we kept it just like that. You can hear the gap, after the second round, a couple of seconds of piano silence where Birgitta looks up at me, thinking ”really? more?”, and ”okey, whatever”, and then continues.

About the lyrics. This is what it is, it´s the cultural history of the penis, boiled down to three dense verses. But I must confess a minor lie. When it says ”the roman life expectancy was less than 23” it's a sort of poetic freedom. The roman life expectancy was actually, according to scientific research, 25 but since 25 don’t rhyme with ”bleed” I had to go with 23 in the lyrics. Now, you could always argue that if the life expectancy in all of the roman empire, through all it existance, was 25, then it certainly somewhere in the empire, at some time, was as low as 23. But that would of course be a cheap excuse. It really was 25. Don´t qoute us on on anything else.


Written by Patrik Svensson

Recorded: during a couple of years in different places in Malmö.

Used: electric bass, electric guitar, fender rhodes, reason, mics.

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