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Extended liner notes 7

Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Thu, February 24, 2011 23:14:05

7. Glimmer

It´s been some time. First there was the holidays. Then there was revolutions everywhere. Then there was life in general passing by.

At the same time the downloads of our selftitled album over at BlocSonic keeps ticking on. You can still get it there, or you can get it again. Please do.

And the extended liner notes moves on.

This time, on ”Glimmer”, the first single from the album, the seventh track on the disc, in some parts of the world one of our most popular songs.

First of all: I´m not much of a guitarist. At least not in any kind of Slash/Yngwie/Van Halen-way. If anyone asks me I usually say that my favourite guitarist is Eddie Hazel from Parliament/Funkadelic. Mostly because it seems like a cool thing to say. And then, of course, because his ”Maggot Brain” is a moment of clarity for anyone with any interest in what you could do with a guitar, what you can make it sound like. And I guess thats what I´m into when it comes to guitar playing, finding out strange ways to make the guitar sound like something else than a guitar.

Still I wouldn´t ever try to imitate him in any way. Firstly because I couldn´t.

With that said, this is our big guitar track. ”Glimmer” is our guitar bonanza. And if you find that hard to believe, I will try to prove it with a detailed description by transcribing in letters the strange sounds going on.

Cause it´s all guitars really. Almost all of the very electrical and syntetic sounds that make up the song are actually played on the guitar. I have to admit I find that aspect of it very cool.

First (1): the very first sound on the track, the ”piong weeo wong”, it´s a guitar. Second (2): the electric harmony that the beat is build around, the ”WEEOWEOWAAAOOO” that begins after exactly eight seconds, it´s a guitar. Third (3): the variation of (2) that goes around in the first verse and sounds a little bit more like ”weeoweowaaaooo”, it´s a guitar. Fourth (4): the disturbing, electrical and sparkling ”kreeo kraaao” thats played rythmically through the second verse, beginning at 1.20, it´s a guitar. Fifth (5): the bouncy sound that goes ”ping piping paping pong” and begins at the same time as (4), yes it´s a guitar.

Besides that there´s Charlotte L:s drums, a straight electric bass, some Moogs and other keyboards and of course Charlotte F:s voice recorded in smooth layers.

Oh, and yes, we did that Lady Gaga-trick again on that studdering ”g glim…glimmer…glimmering”-thing thats goes on after the choruses; recorded the voice and then played it on a keyboard. I have no idea if Lady Gaga ever did this. It´s just a feeling.


Written by: Patrik Svenson

Recorded: different places in Malmö.

Used: electric bass, electric guitar, drums, reason, mics.

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