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Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Fri, December 10, 2010 23:04:46

5. Doing Time

This is a song about corrupt lawyers and according to my knowledge it´s the first song ever written on that theme.

”Doing Time” is an old song that we always use to play live. It kind of stuck with us. We did it simple with drums and bass and piano and a wah wah-guitar-thing. It has always been about Charlottes voice, in ”Doing TIme” more than ever.

This is the studio version and there´s too much going on. The beat is built around a sample wich in some way is related to William Burroughs who of course knew something about corrupt lawyers. There´s a singing bowl in the intro. It´s a small metal bowl wich you play with a thick wooden stick. I bought it in China. There´s a bass solo, who would have figured? There´s the piano and several different guitar figures. Theres shaking of both an egg and a small wooden kids toy. And then there´s a guitar solo played backwards, you wouldn´t believe how hard it was to get that right. All the counting of bars, the backwards thinking, the doing it over and over again until it fits. It was exhausting.


Written by Patrik Svensson

Recorded at Simrishamnsgatan 13

Used: electric bass, electric guitar, piano, reason, chinese singing bowl, shaking egg, small wooden kids toy, mics.

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