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Extended liner notes 4

Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Sat, December 04, 2010 00:28:49

4. Uddling

No, ”Uddling” is not a word, not even in swedish. ”Udda” is, it´s an adjective, it means ”strange” or ”odd”. ”Uddling” then, would be the noun of that, someone strange or odd.

This is a lullaby actually, odd only in its composition. Have you ever had one of those nights? Watching over a child, or someone sick, or someone breaking into pieces. And the world gets so small it almost implodes and all thats left is just that room, and the silence, and at best some sleep. Thats what this is about. Sometimes you just have to let it implode. Everything else has to go.

The beat is so simple it´s almost stupid. It´s a straight bassdrum, a shaker and a couple of really odd voice samples. In the second verse there´s me playing on a chinese drum wich I bought in Beijing a couple of years ago. It´s a beautiful drum, with beautiful sound, and I got it for about 10 euros and I consider it to be one of my best buys ever. Actually you can hardly hear it in the recording, but it´s there. Like a pair of lucky underpants. Sometimes the knowledge of it´s presence is enough.

It sounds like Nina Simone saying ”We´re gonna take a break right here”, just before the break. But it´s not, it´s Erykah Badu, pitched down a few steps.

I did the piano solo. It was improvised and sloppy in a way Birgitta would never do, and never accept. But I kind of liked it.


Written by Patrik Svensson

Recorded: at Simrishamnsgatan 13

Used: electric bass, electric guitar, piano, reason, chinese drum, shaker, mics.

So, if you got this far, here´s a small treat. Extremely fresh, finished today. It´s a remix, a piano makeover. Very different. Hope you enjoy it.

Uddling (piano makeover)

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