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Extended liner notes 3

Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Wed, December 01, 2010 23:03:33

3. Unreal

I came in the door, I said it before: go get the whole Garmisch album for free, in all kinds of nice formats and with art works and everything, at BlocSonic.

This is just liner notes, the extended version. I wrote ”Unreal” a long time ago and it would have been forgotten but for some reason I suddenly remembered it and made an arrangement and I kind of liked it.

It wasn´t supposed to be like this though. I had imagined the chorus being sung on a higher note than the verse. But the key the recorded arrangement was made in stretched Charlottes limits already in the verse. Now I really like that, the stretched limit, there´s a very powerful feeling of uncertainty in it. But there was no way she could do the chorus like intended.

So in some kind of dejected geious she simply suggested that she would go low on the chorus instead, and we tried it and recorded it right away and thats the take that made it all the way. Of course it made it much better and, just as important, saved me the work of having to redo the whole arrangemant in another key. Lazyness and lack of time makes pop magic, my mother always told me.

There´s not much more to say. The beat is made from a couple of different samples put together. I could tell you where the samples are from but then I, of course, would have to kill you.


Written by Patrik Svensson

Recorded: at Simrishamnsgatan 13

Used: electric bass, electric guitar, reason, mics.

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