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Extended liner notes 2

Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Wed, December 01, 2010 00:16:22

2. Try 01

Don´t call it a comeback. Really, it´s actually only been a couple of days since the last post.

This is a song that´s been around for some time. Birgitta came up with the chords and the melody and half of the lyrics and Stefan wrote the rest of the words. It´s a real sad story about break ups. I guess it´s our take on that Fleetwood Macish divorce therapy thing.

The working title for the song has for a long time been ”Trädet”, wich means ”The Three”, wich in some way falls in line with other Garmisch working titles such as ”Lammet” (”The Lamb” - later renamed ”Glimmer”) and ”Kamelen” (”The Camel”, still waiting to be renamed).

We played it live a couple of times and this is pretty much how we did it on stage, except that on stage we used to have a very long solo battle at the end between the piano and the guitar, wich was really fun for me and Birgitta but maybe not for anyone else.

Charlotte L is using the brushes again, and shakes the hell out of an egg. Stefan recorded the bass on two tracks, both through a mic and on a direct line and it became fat like the biggest loser on Biggest Loser.

I used a weird guitar thing I recorded and tweaked it until it just sounded like some odd but still kind of pleasant noice, and I put it in the background of the whole song.

Birgitta showed up with her accordion and played some chords and it sounded like a old and very tired man breathing. She recorded the piano with the usual complains about not nailing the triols, no one really understood what she meant, and then Charlotte F did the vocals in my kitchen and it was done.


Written by Birgitta Persson & Stefan Bodetoft

Recorded: during the summer in a couple of different places in Malmö.

Used: drums, jazz brushes, sticks, electric bass, electric guitar, shaking egg, accordion, piano, reason, mics.

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