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Extended liner notes 1

Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Sat, November 27, 2010 02:07:14

1. Facing the Sea

It´s been a long time, we shouldn´t have left you, without extended liner notes to step to.

Our selftitled album ”Garmisch” has been out on BlocSonic for some time now. You can still get it there, with art work and remixes and all kinds of available formats. And you should, cause Mike over at BlocSonic is doing amazing work with everything.

Here, it´s time for the extended liner notes. This is ”Garmisch”, the album, then. Song by song, sound by sound. Well, not really actually, just, for the hell of it, some short notes on how it was done.

First out: ”Facing the Sea”. This is Charlotte F:s song. I wouldn´t wanna tell you what it is about. In some way it´s quite obvious. For me it´s most of all a song about that strange feeling of displacement you can experience when reminiscing over now and then and there and here. She wrote it a couple of years ago and played it for us with just a guitar and it was of course beautiful, but we never quite got it together.

So this is the studio version. Put together piece by piece while recording it. The piano and the guitar just being there, for a long time, waiting for the rest. And then I found two metal tubes, originally containing vodka bottles, now empty. I used them as percussion, playing on them with my fingers and recorded the two tracks that now is the intro to the song. Then they disappeared, the tubes, I believe they wounded up in the trash.

Charlotte L picked up her brushes for the drums and it was smooth and we recorded the vocals in my kitchen in one take, and it was done.


Written by Charlotte Fagerlund

Recorded at Simrishamnsgatan 13.

Used: drums, jazz brushes, electric bass, electric guitar, piano, reason, metal tubes originally containing vodka bottles, a mic.

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