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Extended liner notes 3

Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Wed, December 01, 2010 23:03:33

3. Unreal

I came in the door, I said it before: go get the whole Garmisch album for free, in all kinds of nice formats and with art works and everything, at BlocSonic.

This is just liner notes, the extended version. I wrote ”Unreal” a long time ago and it would have been forgotten but for some reason I suddenly remembered it and made an arrangement and I kind of liked it.

It wasn´t supposed to be like this though. I had imagined the chorus being sung on a higher note than the verse. But the key the recorded arrangement was made in stretched Charlottes limits already in the verse. Now I really like that, the stretched limit, there´s a very powerful feeling of uncertainty in it. But there was no way she could do the chorus like intended.

So in some kind of dejected geious she simply suggested that she would go low on the chorus instead, and we tried it and recorded it right away and thats the take that made it all the way. Of course it made it much better and, just as important, saved me the work of having to redo the whole arrangemant in another key. Lazyness and lack of time makes pop magic, my mother always told me.

There´s not much more to say. The beat is made from a couple of different samples put together. I could tell you where the samples are from but then I, of course, would have to kill you.


Written by Patrik Svensson

Recorded: at Simrishamnsgatan 13

Used: electric bass, electric guitar, reason, mics.

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Extended liner notes 2

Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Wed, December 01, 2010 00:16:22

2. Try 01

Don´t call it a comeback. Really, it´s actually only been a couple of days since the last post.

This is a song that´s been around for some time. Birgitta came up with the chords and the melody and half of the lyrics and Stefan wrote the rest of the words. It´s a real sad story about break ups. I guess it´s our take on that Fleetwood Macish divorce therapy thing.

The working title for the song has for a long time been ”Trädet”, wich means ”The Three”, wich in some way falls in line with other Garmisch working titles such as ”Lammet” (”The Lamb” - later renamed ”Glimmer”) and ”Kamelen” (”The Camel”, still waiting to be renamed).

We played it live a couple of times and this is pretty much how we did it on stage, except that on stage we used to have a very long solo battle at the end between the piano and the guitar, wich was really fun for me and Birgitta but maybe not for anyone else.

Charlotte L is using the brushes again, and shakes the hell out of an egg. Stefan recorded the bass on two tracks, both through a mic and on a direct line and it became fat like the biggest loser on Biggest Loser.

I used a weird guitar thing I recorded and tweaked it until it just sounded like some odd but still kind of pleasant noice, and I put it in the background of the whole song.

Birgitta showed up with her accordion and played some chords and it sounded like a old and very tired man breathing. She recorded the piano with the usual complains about not nailing the triols, no one really understood what she meant, and then Charlotte F did the vocals in my kitchen and it was done.


Written by Birgitta Persson & Stefan Bodetoft

Recorded: during the summer in a couple of different places in Malmö.

Used: drums, jazz brushes, sticks, electric bass, electric guitar, shaking egg, accordion, piano, reason, mics.

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Extended liner notes 1

Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Sat, November 27, 2010 02:07:14

1. Facing the Sea

It´s been a long time, we shouldn´t have left you, without extended liner notes to step to.

Our selftitled album ”Garmisch” has been out on BlocSonic for some time now. You can still get it there, with art work and remixes and all kinds of available formats. And you should, cause Mike over at BlocSonic is doing amazing work with everything.

Here, it´s time for the extended liner notes. This is ”Garmisch”, the album, then. Song by song, sound by sound. Well, not really actually, just, for the hell of it, some short notes on how it was done.

First out: ”Facing the Sea”. This is Charlotte F:s song. I wouldn´t wanna tell you what it is about. In some way it´s quite obvious. For me it´s most of all a song about that strange feeling of displacement you can experience when reminiscing over now and then and there and here. She wrote it a couple of years ago and played it for us with just a guitar and it was of course beautiful, but we never quite got it together.

So this is the studio version. Put together piece by piece while recording it. The piano and the guitar just being there, for a long time, waiting for the rest. And then I found two metal tubes, originally containing vodka bottles, now empty. I used them as percussion, playing on them with my fingers and recorded the two tracks that now is the intro to the song. Then they disappeared, the tubes, I believe they wounded up in the trash.

Charlotte L picked up her brushes for the drums and it was smooth and we recorded the vocals in my kitchen in one take, and it was done.


Written by Charlotte Fagerlund

Recorded at Simrishamnsgatan 13.

Used: drums, jazz brushes, electric bass, electric guitar, piano, reason, metal tubes originally containing vodka bottles, a mic.

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Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Mon, December 15, 2008 23:10:12

Yes, it´s a new track. Actually an old one, and it´s a cover. We made this recording in my living room some time ago, and then kind of forgot about it, but it´s really quite nice. It´s the Petshop Boys-track "Rent". It´s a wonderful song, with wonderful lyrics, and we made it almost completely acoustic. The recording wont win any technical awards, but perfection is so out of fashion anyway. 

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U Fine

Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Thu, October 02, 2008 23:43:10

U Fine

Garmisch has got news. The news consists of three steps.

Firstly: "U Fine", it´s a new song, please use it. We want you to love it, actually. It´s got fender rhodes and electronic simulations and sounds that could easily be mistaken for people poking on various wooden materials and Charlotte is singing like she´s trying to make you cry and if you do it´s alright. If you´re wondering about the title, we´re spelling it like Prince would have. That should be explanation enough.

Secondly: We´re gonna do some live shows this autumn or winter. It´s gonna be special. We´ll get back to you with the details.

Thirdly: is holding some kind of "Umfragen" (wich means poll) on their site. It´s about the best free song out there and Garmisch is one of the contesters. If you want the best for us, please go there and vote. You will find the poll to the right...

See you.

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The Cultural History of the Penis (off pist remix)

Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Sun, September 21, 2008 21:55:48
The Cultural History of the Penis (off pist remix)

Garmisch is back from the undead. Here´s a remix of "The Cultural History of the Penis". It´s so electric it´s sparkling. It´s sparkling with electricity.

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Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Fri, May 30, 2008 17:36:01

Here you go. It’s a new track. It’s Garmisch with a ordered chaos of guitar-loops and voicesamples. Use it, people!

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Courtesy of Steven Wright

Garmisch mp3Posted by Patrik Garmisch Wed, May 28, 2008 21:53:50
Courtesy of Steven Wright

(Just right click to download)

We used to call ourself Garmisch Partenkirchen. But decided to leave Partenkirchen out of it. It was a hard decision. But we´re Garmisch now, for the benefit of all people with spelling difficulties.

This is a new track. The lyrics are based on Steven Wright-quotes. I think its one of the best lyrics we've ever written. Too bad though, we didn't actually write them.

If you remember, Steven Wright was the comedian that invented the internet in the early nineties. Or at least, his jokes were the most common and most important intellectual material distributed in e-mails when people first learned how to e-mail. People were sending Steven Wright-jokes around like there was no tomorrow. Just because they could. This is gonna be the subject of research in the future: Where, or what, would the internet be without Steven Wright-quotes?

I don´t really know what Steven Wright is doing today but he was, or is, a brilliant comedian. So consider this a homage, to Steven Wright, and to the internet, and to the nineties.

The snare drum on the other hand, comes right out of the eighties...

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